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Your Driver’s License

Is Just A Click Away!

Next Session  Begins   June 9, 2024

Aloha and welcome to ABC DRIVING ACADEMY.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we will need to follow all CDC Guidelines and State of Hawaii Driver Education regulations regarding class size, virtual classes and behind the wheel sessions.  New guidelines allow only 15 students per session.  We will accept the first 15 with payment in full.   NO REFUNDS will be given.

  • Virtual classroom sessions will total 30 hours and must be spread over a 10 week period.

  • 6 BTW hours will be required with Coach York.  

  • Scheduled drive time (BTW hours) may begin after week 6.

  • 50 hours driving with parents are required and logged.  You may download the log from the website.

  • 15.5yrs student may attain permit, 16 yrs old students are eligible to take the road test.

  • Student must wait 6 weeks after start of driver education class to take road test. (no exceptions)

Summer Session - Starting Sunday, June 9, 2024

10 Week session (3 hours per week)

Every Sunday  6:00pm - 9:00pm (virtual class via Zoom)

Behind-The-Wheel Training (6 hours):Scheduled at convenient times for you with Instructor Rod York.

How to Register for Class:

1. Enroll for the class using the online form.

2. Send payment via Paypal ASAP.  Your registration will be discarded if payment is not received.


3. Once payment is made, you are confirmed and locked into the class.  I will see your child via Zoom on first day


4. Once capacity is reached, registration and payment option will be closed.


5. An email will be sent to you one week before class starts.  I will email the address used to Paypal not the email used to register (unless they are the same email).

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